Integration between fleet management partner and Minuba

Creation process of new fleet management partner in Minuba

  1. You start with sending an email to Minuba, where you indicate your desire to get the necessary access to use the Minuba API and to be registered as a fleet management partner in Minuba.
  2. You must also provide a document/link that contains how the Minuba customer in your system activates the integration. The document/link can be specified later it the process, but always, before the integration is made available to Minuba customers.
  3. Minuba creates the Api key and creates you as a new fleet management partner.
  4. Minuba creates test users so that the API can be tested.
  5. You send a message to Minuba via email when the integration is complete.
  6. Minuba will make the fleet management integration available to Minuba customers.

Minuba Customer: Process to turn on the fleet management integration

  • Minuba customers can, under Settings=>administration=>fleet management, enable the fleet management module for a specific fleet management partner.
  • The Minuba customer logs into your fleet management system and activates the integration by, among other things, inserting their auth key. The key is needed to store data under the Minuba customer’s account.
  • The fleet management partner sends fleet management data over the Minuba API.
  • In Minuba under the ’my time’ page, the Minuba customer can now see how there driving.

Minuba customer: Setup options in Minuba

  • Minuba customers can, under their fleet management settings page, choose to update which GPS devices are paired to which users. The relationship between users and GPS devices is one to one.
  • GPS devices do not need to be associated with a user.

Creating access to the API

To access the API and send fleet management specific data to Minuba, use the following:

  1. API key: In order for Minuba to create an API key, we need the following information, which you can send to
    1. Company name.
    2. Contact person.
    3. Contact address.
    4. Contact telephone number.
    5. Brief description of what the API is to be used for.
  2. Creation as a fleet management partner in Minuba
    1. Inside the email with the request for an API key, the desire to form fleet management integration for Minuba must also be stated.
  3. Auth key
    1. Auth keys are provided by Minuba customers. One auth key is required per Minuba customer.
    2. The key is specified by the Minuba customer when they want to enable the integration in your fleet management system.

Creation of new GPS units and runs

Minuba API:

To create fleet management-related data via the Minuba API, you must do the following:

Under the ’Endpoint’ section in the Minuba API, the following fields must be filled in:

  • API key.
  • Auth key.

’User Name’ and ’Password’ do not need to be filled in when specifying the auth key.

Under the ’Operation package’ section we have a list of entities that the API gives access to. 3 of the entities are needed to store fleet management related data:


We use the user entity to retrieve all users for a Minuba customer. The user ID is used to associate a user (user) with a GPS device (GpsDevice).


GpsDevice is the device on which the drive is recorded. The relationship between a user and a GPS device is one to one. A user can only have one GPS device and a GPS device can only be assigned to a single user.

Trip Event:

TripEvent is the drive itself, which contains, among other things, the start and end location, start and end time and distance traveled, which is specified in km.

For more information on which data can be sent or retrieved, it is recommended to look at the individual method types (GET, POST, DELETE and PATCH) under TripEvent and GpsDevice, and to look at the ’return type’ section for TripEvent, GpsDevice and User on the API page.